IC2NET Dedicated Internet Access your business- Large or Small-can rely on

Reliable and redundant High-speed Internet Backbone Network.

Guaranteed Bi-directional Bandwidth through a dedicated port available in a variety of speeds, from 1.5mb to 10gig.

**Multiple Access options using IC2NET Connect services- carrier-grade broadband from TDM to Copper, Dark Fiber, and Ethernet technologies.

Scalable Solutions designed for your specific Business needs


There is a lot more to Internet Access than the price tag and the size of the pipe. Many businesses think that all Internet is the same, but security, uptime, bandwidth guarantees and overall speed can make a big difference. IC2NET has 15 years experience as an ISP, with multiple access points and multiple diversely located Tier 1 upstream providers IC2NET makes sure your traffic gets to its destination quickly and reliably.


With more and more business services being delivered over Internet, like Software, Voice and Business Continuity Services in the Cloud, and connectivity services like MPLS, your choice of an Internet Service Provider is becoming very important. Choose a provider that understands your business and can offer flexible and scalable Internet Services to grow with your needs.