About Facility

Over 12,000 sq ft facility

Colocation Cabinets are available providing space from 2U to full 42U cabinets or private cage space. Purchase one of our bundled space and power offerings or pay as you go with the ability to add space/power/bandwidth as needed. Month-to-month or term discounts available.
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Vendor Neutral / Multiple fiber upstream carriers

With Multiple fiber upstream carriers our network utilizes full hardware redundancy, Provider diversity, and automatically load balances between carriers. Our infrastructure automatically determines the best path based on the fewest number of autonomous systems needed to transit before reaching a final destination providing our customers with a extremely reliable and fast connection.

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UPS protection

Our data centers have redundant generators and UPS backup power supplied by dedicated systems in case the facilities fall off the power grid. Power is fed from multiple UPS units and UPS units are backed up by diesel generator power.

Dual Onsite Diesel Backup Generators

Dual generators provide electrical backup in case of commercial power failure. Over 1MW of backup on site with a 24hour fueling contract allows the Data Center to run as long as needed in case of an outage.

Redundant HVAC Units

Redundant cooling capacity optimizes the temperature in our facilities. Each section of facility can lose multiple chillers and still effectively manage temperatures. We employ hot aisle / cold aisle containment and real time temperature monitoring and alerting keeping systems in ideal conditions at all times.

24 X 7 x 365 Secure Access / Recorded Video Surveillance

Access your equipment 24 X 7 x 365 unescorted access with secure key fob. Recorded video surveillance covers all onsite areas and alerts NOC and security if any unauthorized access occurs.

Proactive Network Monitoring and Real Time Bandwidth Graphs

To insure your network is available when you need it most, IC2NET proactively monitors the bandwidth of all circuits, internet and all internal equipment in real time. All the components of the network are tested every 15 seconds to insure high availability using industry standard software protocols.