Why Choose IC2NET for Connectivity

Secure, Private, and Efficient Network Communications are important to any business. The need to access and share data between company sites can be one of the differences between success and growth or failure. IC2NET Connect provides businesses with secure and reliable connectivity between locations. Using Multiple Access Providers allows IC2NET to provide the right network at the right costs to help your business.

Customer focus on network design

Every business has different communication needs. Our unique approach to network design allows us to implement the optimum network solution to achieve your business goals.
  • Carrier Neutral Approach
  • Business Continuity (High Availability)
  • Cost Efficiency

Dedicated Internet Access

Your business, large or small, can rely on IC2NET for a dependable and redundant High-Speed Internet Backbone Network. There is a lot more to Internet Access than the price tag and the size of the pipe. Many businesses think that all Internet is the same, but security, uptime, bandwidth guarantees and overall speed can make a big difference. IC2NET has 15 years experience as an ISP: with multiple access points and multiple diversely-located Tier 1 upstream providers, IC2NET makes sure your traffic gets to its destination quickly and reliably.
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Metro Ethernet

Point-to-Point connections (Ethernet Private Line), Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), and point to multi-point connections (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) to meet your specific needs. Speeds from 5MB to 10GB are available.

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Dark Fiber

Today businesses need bandwidth—a lot if it. And we all know how it works with Big Data: you're leasing that bandwidth, and your costs only rise as your needs grow. Enter the smart alternative: Dark Fiber.
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