About Us

Over 51 years of telecommunications management experience, the IC2 HOLDINGS management team has a unique perspective garnered from working for the incumbent ILEC, multiple CLEC’s, and from the last 11 years as a start-up ISP and Communications Provider. Serving small businesses to large enterprise accounts / wholesale voice and data communications providers has shown them the right way to work with clients:

  • Listen to what customers want, do not try to fit their needs into products that you sell.
  • Proactively be a partner in your clients business to better understand what can best help them- treat their business like your own.
  • Be proactive in your support efforts- treat customers as you want to be treated.
  • Provide the right solution to your clients, sometimes that may mean not winning their business but establishing a relationship of trust that will bring more rewards in the future.

We at IC2 HOLDINGS, inc. strive to act with integrity at all times, to treat each client or potential client with respect and as individuals with specific and unique needs. We accept responsibility for our actions and will make an extra effort to use our knowledge, skills, and resources where they are needed most. we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

14351 Myford Rd, Suite C
Tustin, Ca. 92780
Phone: 714-970-5011
Fax: 714-970-5449
Email: sales@ic2net.net

Network Operations
714-970-5011 Option 2
Email: noc@ic2net.net